I was born on 14th January 1992 in Prague, Czech Republic. I am second child, two years youger from my brother. I had lived there with my family for 2 years when we moved to Nitra, Slovakia. Since 1994 I live in Nitra. There I was growing up in a fairly environment of a mid-sized town with just about 87.000 inhabitants. 

Since 1998 to 2007 i attended Nábrežie mládeže primary school in Nitra. Since 2002 i attended a special sports class at primary school. I was focused on athletics in which I was excelent so I decided to continue in sports career. In 2007 I began studies at Sports college in Nitra. I gained a lot of golden and silver medals for Slovak teenagers championship. I am double Slovak champion in pole vault and single Slovak champion in multicontest. I have some bronze medals too. I had to abort my sports career unexpectedly due to the problems with my knees.

In 1998 my parents registered me to piano at local music school. After a year I terminated to play. It bored me so much. My interrest in music began in 2003 when my 2 years older brother Michal starts playing guitar. I began to learn some chords and patterns on guitar. After half a year I decided to play on a bass guitar that captured my attention. I and my brother managed to buy one. He borrowed me money and in two days we had bought it. It was my first bass guitar – four string Cort Actionbass whitch I still play on.I played bass guitar in free time and in 2004 I registered myself to bass guitar to Richard Bönde. That‘s how my music career started. Bands: In February 2006 I was asked to join the amateur music school band led by Richard Bönde. It was called Republic. In one year we changed the line-up a little bit. In 2007 we changed the name of the band to Smash. We are playing up to this day. In January 2008 my classmate told me about that her friend’s band The Paranoid is searching a bass guitarist for one competition. I joined them immediately and we started to train songs necessary for the competition. We were having good times so I stayed with them. Since February 2008 i had two bands to play in.